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My motto"Make it Happen"

Freelance Video/Film Producer

VFX Production Manager


Individual with 10+ years of production experience in TV commercials, stills, short films, feature films, videos, television animation and visual effects industry. Having worked with global teams on a diverse range of projects in various countries - Canada, Estonia, Scotland, Portugal, Latvia, Malaysia and India. Producing quality content at affordable budgets  for various brands in the lifestyle, travel, fashion and automotive industry through a wide database of filmmakers, DOP's ,editors, colourists and production support.

I thrive on working in fast paced environments, building strong relationships, managing teams and coordinating departments.

Currently working in the VFX industry as a Production Manager.

Masters degree in Film Producing, Line Producing Certificate, Bachelors in Business Management, Post Graduate in film & TV Production.



Production coordinator
Production management
Health & Safety Supervisor

Budgeting & Scheduling
Logistics management & communications 
Accommodation & catering coordinator

Production Services

Film & TV Projects worked on ( July 2020 - December 2021)

TV Series | Rosvopankki (aka The invincibles)
TV Series | A good family
TV Series | Cell 8
Feature film | Sentinel
Feature film | Valoa Valoa Valoa
Feature film | Burial
Feature film | Twin
Feature film | Kill the child
Feature film | Omerta 6/12
Feature film | Veden Vatija
Feature film | Apteeker Melchior

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